Fire or agni is one of the five manifestations of life. In ceremonies like Wedding, birth, festivals etc., the fire is lit symbolizing the presence of God. Havan is a sacred fire ritual that accepts our offerings and sacrifice. The sacred fire acts as a link between human’s consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. The fire also has the ability to convert the physical components (offerings that symbolize the sacrifice into the fire) into the psychic components as offering to the deities presiding over the Havan.

 What items are needed for Havan?

Following is a sample list of items required. Additional items may be needed for special occasions. Puja and Havan Ceremony items can be supplied. These items are also available separately and can be shipped to your destination.

  • 1. Pure Ghee 1/3 Lb.
  • 2. Havan Samigri one packet.
  • 3. Camphor few small tablets.
  • 4. Cotton wool.
  • 5. Dry, clean, small size fire wood.
  • 6. Match Box.
  • 7. Napkins.
  • 8. Glass with water.
  • 9. Lota with water.
  • 10. Long Spoon for Ghee. 11. Four small pates.
  • 12. Fresh Flowers.
  • 13. Home Made Prasaad or Ladoo
  • 14. Kesar (Saffron).
  • 15. Uncooked rice (in a small plate).
  • 16. One clean plate.
  • 17. Mauli (Red Cotton Thread).
  • 18. Havan Kund.
  • 19. Kitchen Foil one Packet.
  • 20. One Coconut.

If you are unknown and don’t know how to do the Yagya havan you can call us :

Mr. CP Shashtri


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