Minimum Expenses :
Do you want to save yourself from immoderate expenses in marriage?

As we know, for a common man it is not easy to earn money, even though we spend our hard earned money on marriage day as a part of false show off culture. This way many of us get trapped in big loans and such a marriage, where borrowed money is expended without thinking of the aftereffect, becomes a curse for the family.

But if we use and invest the same money intelligently we can fulfill our other urgent needs and requirements. Also, there is a fear of unnecessary expenditure among many middle class and poor class families and hence they generally follow abortion route to save themselves from burden of daughters in their family.

This is one of the main reasons for unbalanced sex ratio (unequal number of females and males) in Indian society. It has been seen that due to low sex ratio, a number of men in our society have to remain unmarried for whole of their lives. Let us join to fight against these unwanted social problems.

No Dowry :
If you are against social curse like dowry then you should join hands with Arya Samaj in eradicating this curse from Indian society as Arya Samaj has been fighting against dowry with all its efforts from long time back.

No Alcoholic and other intoxicating products :
As all alcoholic and other intoxicating products are completely banned in Arya Samaj Marriage ceremony, you are completely free from unwanted problems and worst activities of drunken people on such auspicious day of marriage. In this way, your marriage is accomplished in peaceful manner without any painful incident.

Freedom from unnecessary problems :
Getting married in Arya Samaj institutions keeps you free from all tensions of arrangements like tent, band, DJ, Card distribution, boarding and lodging for guests, transport, and marketing/extravagance.

Freedom from Castes Barriers :
Arya Samaj strongly protests caste system as this has been creating differences among people and weakening the strength of unity of India. For eradicating the roots of this social discriminatory institution, Arya Samaj is vigorously promoting inter-caste marriage.

Curbing Child Marriage:
Marriages in Arya Samaj are performed keeping in mind the all current laws and regulations. We discourage child marriage and we follow strict the rules of age limitations i.e. 21 years for males and 18 years for females. This way we save ourselves from this social vice of child marriage.

Marriage Certificate :
At Arya Samaj Marriage Organization, with all above mentioned benefits, you will also get a legally valid marriage certificate that will be useful for whole of your life.

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