Havan Kund Samidha

We offer Samidha Incense Sticks. There has been a very ancient tradition of yagya / oblation in India. At every auspicious time this tradition is still vogue. But due to day to day busy life doing Havan (oblation) has become generally impossible.

Samidha when incensed can make up for Havan. Its Aromatic fume is highly antibacterial, anti fungus and in very effective in cleaning atmospheric pollution.

We also Conduct These Ceremonies :

  • Naam Karan Sanskar
  • Yagyopaveet (Upnayan) Sanskar
  • Baby Shower
  • Griha Pravesh Pooja Ceremony
  • Solah Sanskar
  • Dainik Hawan
  • and all Required Puja

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Pt. Surya Prakash Shastri

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