Yagyopavit Upanayan Sanskar

The sacred thread ceremony is very significant in the life of a Hindu man. This ceremony initiates the child into an intellectual and spiritual journey. The mother gives birth to the child; this is natural birth. However, when the Guru initiates him by giving Gayatri mantra, this prayer for Buddhi is considered a second birth of the child. tHis ceremony is known also as Upnayan, ‘the sacred vision’ or ‘new vision’, the vision to se things in a proper way and to know ‘wrong’ and ‘right’. Therefore, Upnayan is essential to handle household life.

The twist in the thread symbolizes strength and honesty. Gayatri Mantra is given to the child who promises to lead a good human life as per the rules of Vedas.

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Pt. Surya Prakash Shastri

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