Jal Se Satkar
Once the bride and groom have entered the ‘mandap’ the Vedic rites begin, the bride gives the groom water three times. The first time he sprinkles it in his feet, the second time he sprinkles it all over his body and the third time he drinks the water.

Madhupark Se Satkaar
Madhupark se Satkaar is a part of the aforesaid ritual. It has the bride offering a mixture of curd, gee and honey to the groom.Curd, ghee and honey, all are considered to be good for one’s health. Besides, these edibles are believed to be auspicious and impart good effects to whatsoever associated with it.

‘Madhuperk’ is a mixture of curds, ‘ghee’ or clarified butter and honey. The groom sprinkles a little bit of this in all directions and then eats it three times.

As all alcoholic and other intoxicating products are completely banned in Arya Samaj Marriage ceremony, you are completely free from unwanted problems and worst activities of drunken people on such auspicious day of marriage. In this way, your marriage is accomplished in peaceful manner without any painful incident.

Giving away the bride The bride’s parents offer their daughter’s hand in marriage to the groom and he accepts it.

Pratigya Mantra
Pratigya Mantra is a a ritual solemnizing the marriage. The husband makes six marital vows holding his wife’s hands. These vows make the marriage strong and sacred.


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